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About My Bitcoin Adventure

My Journey starts every day. One turn of the planet and off we go again.

It is up to you how you perceive the day. Such as it is with Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and buy/hold/sell and exchange them.

I knew nothing about this type of digital gold/currency, was curious, so decided to have a look and learn a little and share the information.

About me:

Am a baker.

Love gardening/ plants and gardens

Am an avid ornotholigist.

I am into a range of subjects including, Anthropology, Western Sciences, Eastern Science (specifically the Bhagavad Gita), Meditation and Food. Yep… I love making baked goods.

Join in and find me on Telegram link to telegram

Be well. If you want to talk you can use the many ways I am listing on this site to do so. Feedback is always appreciated.

Kind regards,

Dash, aka MOONBIRD on Twitter and MOONBIRD1 on Telegram.

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1 BTC = 217.300000 LTC
1 BTC = 32.2200000 ETH
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