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2020/2021 BULL RUN 25 Aug

2020/2021 Bull Run

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Many people are talking about, yes, you guessed it, the 2020/2021 Bull Run, the next Crypto, specifically Bitcoin Bull Run. Did you get any bitcoin? Chances are that most people will never own a bitcoin and stock to flow ratio will see the rich stock up and stop the flow (play on words lol) After all the bitcoins have been mined it is predicted that the price will be 100 fold at least in 2040.

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KuCoin – You know the drill

Bitmax – Still drillin’

Crex24 – One more drillin’ thing

I am on the exchanges listed on this site. I have tried heaps but settled on these listed here.

My portfolio consists of 60%bitcoin (BITCOIN NETWORK) 20% etherium (ERC-20 NETWORK) and 20% DeFi/smaller coin projects(on the Etherium Network also) (a few wild cards to see if one moons)

You must get the right/correct/learned/resourced information is essential when planning to get involved in the Cryptocurrency assets. 

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2020/2021 BULL RUN
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