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Top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

“The biggest threat to good decision making is harmful emotions. Great decision making is a two-step process; Firstly learning and then deciding.”

G’Day. On this adventure around the web I am learning that not all affiliate programs are equal. On the other hand many of them offer a great community of friends to share your time with and game, competitions and prizes.

If you are interested in sharing links, obtaining the odd % or two and earning passively them affiliate communities could be for you too.


Below is a changing list. It changes dues to my experience with different exchanges. I am updating as I learn.

For me the first one I had positive dealings with was CoinSpot. Love this website. Easy to use, friendly and helpful CoinSpot Team, lots of coins to choose from, easy to use wallets and exchanges and secure.

Coinspot – CLICK TO JOIN

Great Coin Variety to choose from

Binance Exchange

Binance Exchange

Binance – Has become a world leader in Cryptocurrency Exchange. I use this site to buy and sell some of my holdings. You will find that in order to get the holdings/coins you want o to hold, you will have to join more than one exchange to do it.

AUD Cash to Bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency aud x 2
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