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  Click below to read a document by Brave New Coin. The Taxonomy of a New Class of super asset – Cryptocurrencies.

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PayPal 27 Oct

The Latest on Bitcoin and PayPal

It has been an excellent week of trading for bulls in crypto markets with the Bitcoin price up ~13% over the last week – tearing past the USD13,000 price level to reach its highest level since January 2018. At the same time the Ethereum price was up 12% and the Ripple Price was up ~6%. […]

Latest Bitcoin Price 28 Aug

The 2020 Defi Portfolio

Today, August 2020, the latest craze or next big thing in Crypto is Defi, Decentralized Finance Tokens, facilitating the use of block chain in lending, staking and finance. Following projects, their application and implementation onto the network, staking possibilities, financial applications – are some the attributes you will need to study and analyse before investing. […]

2020/2021 BULL RUN 25 Aug
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